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The Special Secretariat for the Environment and Energy Inspectorate (SSEEI) has been established under Law 3818/2010 “on the protection of forests and forest areas in Attica Prefecture”. The Secretariat is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the involved central, regional and local services in order to secure law enforcement in the areas of environment and energy and secure compliance with the relevant provisions.

The Special Secretariat for the Environment and Energy Inspectorate consists of:

The Hellenic Environmental Inspectorate (HEI). Its main responsibility is to undertake inspections in order to monitor compliance with the environmental permits for projects of the private and public sectors.
The Office for Demolition of Illegal Constructions, reporting to the General Inspector of the Hellenic Environmental Inspectorate. This Office, with the technical assistance of “Ktimatologio S.A.” (Hellenic Cadastre), is responsible for locating illegal constructions in specific areas in the Attica Prefecture (areas destroyed by the fires in August 2009, as defined under article 1 – par. 1 of Law 3818) and implementing the relevant demolition acts for any illegal building.

The Independent Coordination Office for the Implementation of Environmental Liability, established through Presidential Decree 148/2009 on environmental liability (harmonization to the Directive 2004/35/CE of the European Parliament and the EU Council on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage).

The Hellenic Energy Inspectorate. Its mission is to monitor the achievement of the objectives of the national energy policy on energy saving and energy efficiency and to implement articles 1 to 12 of Law 3661/2008 on “Measures for the reduction of energy consumption in buildings” (harmonization to the Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and EU Council on the energy performance of buildings)

Special Secretariat for the Environment and Energy Inspectorate
119 Mesogeion Ave. 101 92 Athens
Tel:  +210 697 4714, +210 697 4730, Fax: +210 696 9708

Hellenic Environmental Inspectorate
1-3 Kifisias Ave, 115 23 Athens
Tel:  +210 870 1800, Fax: +210 870 1883

Hellenic Energy Inspectorate
119 Mesogeion Ave, 101 92 Athens
Tel:  +210 697 4722 & +210 697 4742 , Fax: +210 696 9708

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